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My therapy approach is short term and solution focused. I am warm and genuine and most importantly, nonjudgmental. I always assume that you are doing the best you can to solve your problems and I will never presume to be an expert on your life. I am collaborative in my approach and will work to help you increase your awareness of what is going on so you can see change quickly. I will help you cope with reality as it is, and build a life worth living in spite of longstanding issues and circumstances that you may have no control  over. I will help you increase your success in relationships, validate traumatic experiences, and help you manage your emotions safely.

I am intensively trained in treatments that are well supported by research (evidence-based) :

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

Exposure Therapy for trauma and Anxiety

Issues that often bring people to therapy:

Relationship conflicts

Feeling unable to solve problems

Flash backs, panic attacks or nightmares

Too many, unstoppable thoughts

Constant worry

Automatic angry responses

Feeling paranoid or jumpy

Loss of motivation

Loss of interest in pleasurable activities

Feeling numb or feeling overwhelmed

Engaging in reckless and/or impulsive behaviors

Feeling suicidal or thoughts of death

My practice is conveniently located near I-40 in Cary. I offer evening hours! Contact me for a free phone consultation today  919-336-0435.

Therapy really CAN work!

About Me

I am a psychotherapist and a skills trainer serving the Research Triangle cities including Cary, Raleigh, Apex, and surrounding towns.  I love living in North Carolina with my husband and two dachshunds! My background in community mental health, which includes individual therapy, relationship therapy, addiction treatment and family work, comes from both clinical training and life experience.  I believe that good therapy should  accomplish much more than the reduction of anxiety or depression.  It should lead to more satisfying relationships, work that is meaningful and sustainable, and increase your hope for the future!

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