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Homage to a Moment: 

A moment will always come and go…You can to do nothing to alter this fact AND your life is forever altered because of it.

A life can be shattered one moment and reborn the next…

Each moment, with its gift of possibilities, can really be yours if you pay homage to it…that is, if you give it your full attention, and stay with it and do not run away from it.

The way to honor this moment is with willing hands and full acceptance.

There is ALWAYS something to learn every single moment–something of yourself you can share and contribute.

If we pay homage to a single moment, we reverence its power.  Do you recall the moment we entered one another’s lives? Would you change it?

Just think–you honor a moment when you give it what it asks for which is essentially–YOU–when you turn your face toward it and do the thing that is required and play by the rules…you and the moment  become partners, a team, a living, breathing part of the world!

Use your skills and it is like money in your bank. A moment well spent can never be stolen from you.

Who cares if you have been on strike from participating in life or if you walked out a few times!  The moment you walk back into the arena of life, you are a contender!

A moment is the heartbeat of the best and  the worst you will ever have. It is your path forward and the ONLY way through…

I am looking forward to many  life-changing moments with you.

Christina Unruh, MSW, LCSW

About Me

I am intensively trained to provide clinically adherent Full Model DBT therapy. This means I have completed the full training in DBT provided by Founder Marsha Linehan, through Behavioral Tech, LLC. What is DBT? I believe that good therapy should  accomplish much more than the reduction of mental health symptoms.  It should lead to increased self confidence. It should put you on a path to becoming socially authentic and courageous in our rapidly changing, complicated, high- tech world . Therapy should ultimately lead to more satisfying relationships, work that is meaningful and sustainable for your particular skills and circumstances, and a life that you actually experience as worth living!


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